In today’s world workers are in every more danger on the job and in the workplace.  The culture created by corporations is that of profit over people with the workers bearing the brunt of the danger. Although there are many regulations and laws aimed at protecting the work force, many employees are injured or killed in work-related accidents in the United States each year.

In a recent OSHA study, it was shown that 4,628 workers were killed on the job in a one year period. These numbers are unacceptable and OSHA has developed rules and regulations to help prevent accidents.

Many jobs in construction involve potentially dangerous duties that can lead to a serious injury or a fatality. Improper equipment, improper training, and improper supervision lead to incidents that are substantially certain to occur. If contractors and companies would just slow down and spend the time, effort and resources necessary to provide a safe workplace, a large amount of the injuries and deaths would not occur.

When workplace conduct results in serious injury or death, The Peterson Law Firm can help. Our experience in the area of workplace injuries is substantial and we are not intimidated by laws aimed at protecting the employer.  Many times we find that the conduct of the employer or companies is so egregious that it is actionable. Preservation of the evidence is key to protecting your rights and determining how the incident and accident took place.

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